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Leasehold Improvements

We Do Quality Leasehold Improvements

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leasehold improvements

Leasehold improvements are exactly that: enhancements; remodeling, renovations and quality refurbishing, carried out to improve a lease property.

From fitness centers to nightclubs to office space, restaurants and so much more, the dependable team at Nelson Construction has extensive experience in magically making over commercial spaces. From concept to completion and every stage in between, we will handle your leasehold improvement project with originality, great organization, and admirable craftsmanship.

Put Our Specialists to Work for You

Nelson Construction is completely up-to-date on the latest designs and techniques in concrete countertop installation. Great looking and practical, concrete countertops can be created in a vast variety of colors and textures, and can be strikingly incorporated into the layout of practically any commercial application. Let us show you more about the appeal and practicality of concrete countertops in making your leasehold improvements both useful and unique.

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Leasehold Improvements by the Building Owner or Tenant

Whether you are the building owner looking after your tenant to organize the best space possible for their needs; or if you are the tenant, re-designing your leased commercial space to best suit your business needs, Nelson Construction will ensure the highest quality work.

We know that leasehold improvements can range from extensive … to relatively minor projects; depending on the proposed use of the space, budget parameters, or the services to be delivered.

Whether on a large or modest scale, we are equally keen to tackle your commercial renovation with the pride and precision that accompanies our reputation for excellence.

Nelson Construction’s Reminders about Leasehold Improvements

  • Landlords who undertake leasehold improvements can increase the marketability of their rental space
  • Leasehold improvements are considered an asset that can be depreciated by the landlord over time
  • The costs of leasehold improvements may be paid by the owner and be included in the tenant’s monthly rent
  • When a lease is terminated, such improvements normally become the property of the owner or lessor without any cost or obligation
  • Leasehold improvements are recorded as an asset and amortized (liquidated by regular payments over a set period of time) during the remainder of the lease term or the life of the improvement, whichever comes first

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Designing Commercial Leasehold Improvements

Nelson’s imaginative design team will enhance each project to be functional as well as attractive; and we will finalize the project with those all-important and impeccable finishing touches, such as gorgeous durable flooring, ideal customized lighting or specialty wall finishes. No detail will go unnoticed or be less than expertly done.

Add a new reception foyer, staff lounges or other expressly dedicated areas, such as consultation booths or dressing rooms. Regardless of the extent of your leasehold improvements project, the skilled and dedicated specialists at Nelson Construction can carry out exactly what is needed to make the space the absolute best it can be.

The Right Craftsmen for Leasehold Improvements

At Nelson Construction, we have excellent craftsmen for all areas of renovations and new builds. We will coordinate all of the trades required for the job, such as plumbers and electricians. Plus, we are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and stand by the integrity of our employees and the excellence of their work.

Nelson’s team of innovative individuals will pay close and careful attention to your ideas and personal taste in considering leasehold improvements and create just the right look and feel for the most marketable space, commercial renovation or tenant remodel.

No matter how you slice it, leasehold improvements
signify upgrade, enhancement and a change for the better

Transform Your Commercial Property

As a commercial property owner, watch us transform your rental area into a space highly attractive to tenants who care about the positive impression that a truly functional and great-looking space creates with their customers. They will want to maintain those premises to a high standard, which in turn preserves the value of your asset for even longer.

Our company’s experience in commercial renovations allows us to complete projects on time and within budget. Consult with Nelson Construction and have top-quality leasehold improvements carried out by an expert, reliable contractor. It can only lead to building a better space!

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