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Barbara Hamilton


Barbara Hamilton
Establishment Executive

With years of experience in construction and design, having run a successful renovations company in England with many projects under her belt, Barbara is passionate about the industry. After arriving in the United States from England 30 years ago, she put aside this activity when she arrived, in the course of adapting to a new environment with her husband and two small children. She channeled her energies into the Healthcare industry, where she gained much experience in office management where high communication skills, attention to detail and an ability to multi task and coordinate patients and highly skilled healthcare professionals was essential. This valuable experience then lead her to the management of offices of other industries for several years, with even more training in HR and office management.

Having now found herself at Nelson Construction and Renovations, she has rekindled her original love of the construction industry from her home country, and her experience in office management provides the perfect combination of her skills. In addition to her graceful ability to run the phones and reception at NCR, she is also responsible for establishing the company through hiring, training and posting our personnel.

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