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A New Home for a New Life

New Home Custom Home BuildersWhat could be more appealing for newlyweds than the opportunity to design their dream home together? Despite the excitement, the realities of what needs to be done and how to go about it can seem overwhelming. There are many decisions to be made; instead of letting that get you down, imagine the ease and enjoyment of having experienced custom home builders guide you through every step.

Make your project perfect by consulting with knowledgeable custom home builders even before starting with any specific design plans. Explain your vision for the new home, plus your parameters in terms of scale, budget, style and more. Their advice will be invaluable in considering all of the following areas:Read More »

An Island Counter is Perfect When Remodeling a Kitchen

Kitchen Island in a modern homeWhen remodeling a kitchen, obviously you need to think ahead. A great-looking, functional kitchen just isn’t complete without an island counter. These days, this handy element has become the icon of most modern kitchens and an appealing focal point for people to gather. No matter what purpose you have in mind, an island counter is an absolute must to consider when your renovation project includes remodeling a kitchen.

Island counters are especially useful for a variety of functions and being at the center of an open room; being accessible from all sides makes them even more valuable. Well-designed island counters also allow families some extra room for children doing their homework and other projects, and for entertaining guests in the kitchen. They can chat and enjoy a glass of wine while you put the finishing touches on a great meal.

Many families who have decided to go ahead with remodeling a kitchen even make specific modifications just to accommodate Read More »

Home Improvement Goes Green in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Green BuildJoin the green revolution by doing your own part at home. If you’re planning for a home improvement project that includes kitchen and bathroom remodeling, be sure to consider going eco-friendly. There are endless ways to create a “green” home while staying in style, creating convenience and helping to preserve the earth.

Environmentally friendly kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas are steadily becoming one of the biggest trends in homes, especially in cities in the Tampa Bay area, where home improvement centers highly encourage going green. After all, we owe it to the planet we live on.

Great Green Home Ideas for your Kitchen:

These green kitchen options will be available through experienced, professional contractors who are on the cutting edge:Read More »

Turn Your Bathroom into Your Very Own Spa

Bathroom SpaOne of the best assets a home can have is a fresh and fabulous bathroom. After a demanding day at work or chasing the kids around the mall, don’t you look forward to luxuriating in a warm bath, the fresh scent of that special soap and those soft, fluffy towels? These are the little pleasures in life that recharge us for yet another day of stress and challenges.

New trends in bathroom designs can transform your tired and traditional bathroom into a Zen-inspired space with all the spa amenities that give you maximum relaxation and the perfect respite from your cluttered mind and busy life.

Tips on Creative Bathroom Designs to Create that Spa Feeling:

Invest in a soaking tub

In Japanese tradition, soaking in a tub is a highly valued relaxation ritual. Tubs with a built-inRead More »

Top 4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen Remodeling TipsA home can be greatly improved simply by remodeling the most-used rooms, such as the living areas, and especially a kitchen. There are plenty of homeowners, however, who don’t follow through on their dream to do a kitchen renovation because they don’t know what to focus on or how to start the design process.

Let’s look at four of the main things that really make or break a functional and attractive kitchen area.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

You’d be surprised how much the following features of a kitchen can make all the difference. Achieve the best results when you remodel a kitchen, just by paying particular attention to these four areas when you start your planning.

  1. Consider color – Whether subtle or standout, color plays a huge role in the feel of a room. And with the amount of time you spend in your kitchen you want something that really inspires. Wall paint, countertops, window treatments, backsplash and floor tiles… it can be overwhelming to figure out what combinations really work. Whether to go for aRead More »

Keep Your Sanity During Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling issuesHome Remodeling isn’t quite the same as having a new house built from the ground up. Sure, you still feel the excitement and anticipation about having a great new living space, but since most people remain in their homes during a renovation project, there are potential stressors to consider.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and ‘put upon’ when carpenters and other tradespeople are working in your surroundings. You don’t just occasionally drop in at the work site to see how it’s going, then drive away. Your living space is the work site, which will likely be ever-changing throughout the duration of the home remodeling project.

Home Remodeling Inconvenience: This Too Shall Pass

No dishwasher? You can DO it! Think ahead and make adaptations wherever you can. People can get testy when they can’t use their normal water supply in the usual place. Doing dishes in the bathroom sink can be a pain, but it’s manageable. If you have younger children, make it into a “camping” game. Reinforce with the family that this is only temporary, and that the end result will be well worth any short-term inconvenience.
Things you took for granted before; like a fully functioning kitchen or bathroom; will become a longed for memory pretty quickly. Be prepared for the idea that much Read More »

Remodel a Kitchen and Maximize Space

Maximize space with a kitchen remodelFor many homeowners, the plan to remodel a kitchen seems a bit daunting. But if you’re truly tired of living in a house equipped with a too small kitchen, you know there’s nothing minor about the inconvenience.

There’s not just enough space to chop and dice, use a blender or food processor or even move around comfortably. And forget about the two of you trying to enjoy making a meal together when you’re constantly bumping into one another en route to the fridge or vying for counter space. If that sounds like your set-up, then you want to read on.

Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen

  1. Sort through your kitchen tools – Throw away the things you don’t need and keep only the ones that you really do use. In a kitchen with limited space, there’s no room for a second potato masher or that broken toaster that you keep meaning to fix. If you have too many mugs, tea towels or obscure gadgets, it may be time to sort through everything and get rid of what you simply don’t use. Once your kitchen space is beautifully remodeled, don’t put back into it anything that doesn’t make the cut. You’ll “find” space you never imagined.
  2. Consider a kitchen island – Kitchen islands are great! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. They not only give you extra counter space to work on but you can also use the area underneath the island for additional storage. If you can’t decide on an exact permanent spot for your island, get a portable one on wheels for theRead More »

Home Improvement Tips for Expecting Parents

You’ve got the exciting news: the patter of tiny feet isn’t too far off in your future, and you just can’t wait. Consider these home improvement  tips to create an environment truly fit for baby.

For eager parents-to-be, there are many preparations to undertake in order to make your home safe and completely ready for a little one. Is the nursery really ready? Or do you still need to create one from scratch? Nine months might seem like an eternity, but it zooms by pretty fast. If there’s some kind of home improvement to be done in the meantime, it’s better to get started sooner rather than later.

Home Improvement and a Baby: The Time is Right!

Your spare room may need more than a few cosmetic tweaks. You may wish to remodel the room entirely, or create even more nursery and play space by joining two smaller rooms together. If baby also has a sibling waiting for his or her arrival, you have a great opportunity to makeRead More »

5 Tips to Get the Best Commercial Contractor

Not every commercial contractor is knowledgeable about the construction business, especially when it comes to commercial construction. Even the most experienced business owners don’t always know who to turn to when they need something at their facility built, repaired or expanded.

It’s true that there are a lot of commercial contractors who have great marketing schemes but do a sloppy and potentially hazardous job. Follow these tips to prevent yourself from hiring the wrong contractor for the job. Hiring a good commercial contractor will not only help you save money, but also help you improve your business facility to your complete satisfaction.

How to Tell Commercial Contractors Apart

There are plenty of commercial contractors around who just are out to get the best of your time and money. It’s essential to be vigilant and assertive when checking out potential prospects. Here are a few things to remember when hiring a commercial contractor:Read More »

How to Maximize Space on Bathroom Countertops

Maxmizing Bathroom Countertops Space
Let’s face it: the number one complaint about bathroom countertops is probably their limited space. Not to mention the fact that bathrooms are usually shared by two or more people, and some have more personal products than others: make-up, hand mirrors, lotions and potions galore … add a soap dish or dispenser, a box of tissues, a shaving kit and some extra hand towels, and before you know it, there isn’t much room to spare.

If this sounds all too familiar, then it’s especially important to figure out how to maximize the space on your bathroom countertops. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:Read More »

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      • I would hire Nelson CR again in a heartbeat. No construction new project and/or renovation is without issues. However, if you want a company and a team that will resolve those issues to your satisfaction then NCR is that company. The thoughtfulness, professionalism, quality of work, communication and a resolution oriented team are the best... Read More »

        J.I., homeowner – whole home remodel

      • We would hire Nelson construction again without hesitation. The entire team, from the unseen to the seen, were dedicated, responsive, respectful, and patient while we lived through a beautiful renovation.

        V.I., homeowner – whole home remodel

      • Nelson Construction out of Clearwater/Tampa fully remodeled our 7,900 sq ft home in Clearwater, Florida. To say they did a great job is an understatement. The qualities of this company extend beyond just a nice finish. Road blocks: Near the beginning of the remodel we ran into our first hidden challenge. To modify and create... Read More »

        BZ, homeowner – historic home restoration/remodel

      • The staff at Nelson Construction do a fantastic job of caring for their customers. They care about their work, their products, and the customer’s satisfaction in the final result. I also greatly admire their attention to legal rudiments, which some contractors try to skirt or dodge. Nelson Construction operates within all ethical codes and boundaries,... Read More »

        A.O. - American Power and Gas

      • We were satisfied with the level of service we were given by Nelson Construction and Renovations. The project manager was very communicative. Any time I needed an answer, the Nelson Team was there. Everyone was very professional and courteous, and the end result is beautiful.


      • “We highly recommend Nelson Construction and Renovation, Inc. We are totally satisfied customers. Nelson Construction will always be our first recommendation to friends who want to build. “Our project was the 2014 renovation and expansion of a 600 square foot 1950’s bungalow in Safety Harbor’s historic district. Our goal was to create a space suitable... Read More »

        Ann Morgan & Margo Pfleger, homeowners – home addition and whole home remodel

      • On behalf of the whole CCHR Clearwater team, we would like to thank you and your company for the stellar work on our new building – which did open on time! Even though we were very pressed for time and things were very hectic, your supervisor remained stable and your work areas somehow remained organized.... Read More »

        Jamie Blackstone - Renovations Supervisor – Citizens Commission on Human Rights

      • Nelson Construction and Renovations exceeded our expectations on our fairly good-sized job (new addition and complete living room and kitchen remodel). I have never worked with a company before that was this intent on making our project a total success AND was so fast and efficient. In addition to that, they routinely went above and... Read More »

        Scott and Holly - Clearwater, FL

      • This letter is to commend Nelson Construction for the excellent job done on our kitchen renovation. When we returned from vacation we were surprised to see the difference and how great it all looked. We expected to see a mess, but everything was cleaned up perfectly; and your company did even more than we expected... Read More »

        The Baldwins

      • Thank you for the job well done! I have renovated several houses and know the hassles that often come with these endeavors – dirt, delays, redo’s, cost, contract issues, etc. I was planning to renovate my kitchen for many months, but kept putting it off, simply trying to avoid the expected hassles. Once I finally... Read More »

        W. Nero

      • Mr. Nelson was my contractor for a major house renovation in March 2006 and also my office renovation in June 2006. He is a rare commodity in the construction industry. He is honest, efficient, on time, on schedule and overall a pleasure to deal with. In my area, where real estate values are climbing and... Read More »

        Michael Haldane - Managing Partner/Executive Producer – The Radke Film Group

      • Our school was in great need of a new roof. Sorting through the various types of roofing and installations was very overwhelming, and for such a large project, we needed to be certain we were making the most cost-effect decision we could. So we hired Nelson Construction to be an Owner’s Representative to help navigate... Read More »

        T. Campana

      • Nelson Construction is a valued company, steadfast to a strict, honest and drug-free work environment. The most notable point of Nelson Construction’s service was the quality work and professional integrity. My project met all of my expectations and more. Project Images (*Click image to enlarge)

        S.K. - Clearwater, FL

      • The most notable part of Nelson Construction and Renovations’ service was their attention to detail. Great all around service and finished product!


      • Thank you for giving us a new home that we love. Every time we look around we are reminded that we made the right decision to go with Nelson. We shall recommend you to anyone who asks and would be happy to serve as references for potential clients.

        Margo & Ann

      • Your Concrete Design Website is very impressive. Beautifully put together and inviting to the design community.


      • In short, we love our home. It is gorgeous. The counter tops are amazing, the cabinetry is perfect. Overall we are so happy! Project Images (*Click image to enlarge)


      • We couldn’t be happier and we plan to use your company on any upcoming project that we have. The employees and subcontractors were very professional; it was something we noticed right away. The job site was cleaned every day, and my cleaning lady even noticed and told our friend about it. The level of communication... Read More »


      • You and your guys are the BEST!!! It is such a pleasure to be able to open my home and leave for the day and know there will not be a problem. Your staff is like family! Project Images (*Click image to enlarge)


      • Nelson Construction has been the best construction company that I have ever hired. I am sure that they are not the cheapest but they offer an excellent product and are very professional. They stayed in daily communication to let me know the status of the project. Their crew was friendly, courteous and conscientious. They showed... Read More »


      • Working with Nelson was like no other experience I’ve ever had–and I’ve done a ton of work on my very old house. They’re so professional and stayed in close communication with us. I will NEVER use any other contractor again! I can’t say enough good things!

        Joy Gendusa - CEO - PostcardMania

      • Nelson Construction delivers every time: quality product, on time and in budget, no surprises, no rip-offs, stellar service and product, communication and genuine interest in finishing the product 100% to my satisfaction (and theirs)!

        Stacey Tiveron - CEO - Trade Only Design Library (TODL)

      • I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work done by Nelson Construction & Renovations. The external deck and 2 stairways your company recently built at my North Clearwater Beach apartments exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with every aspect of the operation in the work and the interaction with me... Read More »