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Concepts for a Futuristic Home by a Custom Home Builder

Futuristic Home by a Custom Home BuilderThe idea of a truly modern, futuristic living space is a subjective concept and means different things to different people. If you envision a fully automated structure of cold and impersonal glass and steel, think again. You don’t have to be the Jetsons to live in a house that’s considered futuristic. Owning the house of the future may be more attainable and straightforward than you imagine.

Decide what the definition of a futuristic home means to you personally. Is it high tech and equipped with sophisticated gadgets, or a more natural structure, built with especially eco-friendly materials? You may prefer to balance the two approaches, focusing on the best of both. Either way, innovative custom home builders will listen to your ideas and meld them into one practical and attractive theme for your new living space from top to bottom.

Custom Home Builders Can Create Cutting-Edge Homes

Futuristic concepts and designs are no longer just fantasies. Anyone currently planning a new home can live in what is yet to become the norm. Inspirational designs are already being used by cutting edge custom home builders to achieve futuristic form and function.

  • Think about renewable energy sources. We all know by now that “going green” is the way of the future. Talk to your custom home builders to see if solar panels are a viable option to power radiant heat floors, water heaters and lights of every kind. What about roofs that catch rainwater? “Smart houses” maximize practicality in automating and managing energy efficiency to control heating and cooling, home security and appliances.
    Futuristic Home - Custom Home Builder
  • Resource conservation is futuristic. From this perspective, even insulation is futuristic. As are smart thermostats that can be controlled from cell phones. Furnaces and water heaters are becoming more efficient, too, with “on demand” no-tank hot water heating systems taking the lead in futuristic home designs.
  • Furnish and decorate with green materials. Ride the wave of the future by using renewable and sustainable materials such as bamboo floors. Polished concrete floors and countertops are attractive, need less maintenance and eliminate the “off-gassing” health hazards of wall-to-wall carpeting. Don’t forget about LED lights, which use far less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs.

As well as being more energy efficient, the use of LED lights, lamps and accessories can add to the modern look of a home. Skillful custom home builders can carefully merge color, texture and other elements within a living space to create the desired modern vibe.

Bring the Future to Your Home with Custom Home Builders

The creation of futuristic homes can make much less of a negative impact on the environment, while still featuring the deluxe look and feel of truly modern indulgence. In creating an eco-friendly home, both luxury and convenience can be achieved while recycling nature’s elements for daily accessibility.

Greg Nelson
Greg NelsonGreg Nelson is the owner of Nelson Construction & Renovations Inc. He is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, creating artistry in all areas of design and construction projects. He is a musician, and artist. A husband and father, Greg appreciates all the wonderful elements of family life.

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