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Stylish Storage Solutions with Home Renovations

home renovationsOne of the best things about owning a home is, of course, having your very own space and being able to set it up just the way you like. But when you have plenty of stuff and no practical place to put it, that freedom becomes a double-edged sword.

No matter how much space you think you’ll be able to take advantage of when you first move into a home, the classic outcome is: there’s never enough storage. The solution? Some simple and well-planned home renovations will help you put into practice the word that’s on so many lips these days: declutter.

Storage Solutions: One Step at a Time

First of all, be selective. Even before embarking on any home renovations to ramp up the storage, go through your belongings and cull what you really don’t want or need to keep around. The key is to remind yourself that you’re finding a place for everything that matters; jettison the rest (it’s liberating!).

Then take a good hard look at what you have and make some overall categories, such as sports equipment, kids toys, arts and crafts supplies, extra bedding and linens, and so on. Look through your home and begin to envision at least the general areas where you think each grouping would best be stored. (No point keeping in-line skates in an upstairs cupboard, for example, when you only use them outdoors).

Throughout this stage, remember that a skilled home renovations expert will have suggestions and ideas beyond your basic imaginings, so the real creative fun will come into play when you consult with them about your specific storage needs.

The Fabulous Functionality of Home Renovations

When it comes to storage solutions, hallways are often underutilized, along with various nooks and crannies. Here are just a few more ideas about places to put things:

  • home renovationsHide under the stairs – There’s a whole span of potentially useful storage space tucked under a staircase. Shelving can be readily installed and left open or covered with specially designed cabinet style doors. You’d be surprised by how much can be accommodated in this usually wasted space.
  • Create some cubes – A popular contemporary storage idea incorporates built-in units that actually take the form of a series of large squares rather than typical shelves. Individual items can be permanently on view (a special collections of dolls or decorative ceramics, for example), or a series of attractive square or rectangular woven boxes can fit into the cubes for a trim and tidy “drawer” effect. You may want to find and purchase baskets before finalizing the inside dimensions of the cubes; that way, everything fits perfectly. Hint: a combination of open and basket cubes can be a great-looking mix, plus you have the added advantage of changing the order of things whenever you want.
  • Own your own island – In the kitchen, that is. If your kitchen area has room for an island, you not only gain more versatile counter and prep space—there are myriad ways to take full advantage of the storage potential underneath.

Creating a Good Look and Effective Storage Solutions

Though practical, home storage options don’t have to be utilitarian to a fault. There’s no reason why adding adequate room to organize and keep your belongings on hand has to be boring looking, or worse, quickly thrown together. Good quality, high end carpentry will achieve the luxurious look you want in your home’s fine finishing details, while affording the most workable storage solutions for your living space.

Consult with an experienced home renovations specialist today and gain new appreciation for the proverb, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Greg Nelson
Greg NelsonGreg Nelson is the owner of Nelson Construction & Renovations Inc. He is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, creating artistry in all areas of design and construction projects. He is a musician, and artist. A husband and father, Greg appreciates all the wonderful elements of family life.

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