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What to Discuss with Remodeling Contractors before Your Renos

Remodeling Contractors - Nelson Construction & Renovation Inc.When embarking on any kind of household renovations, it is important to choose the right remodeling contractors for your needs and to sit down with them to thoroughly discuss all of the ins and outs of the upcoming project.

Bring up what’s on your mind, clarify, and ask questions: it’s all an important part of the planning and preparation process. Failing to make the right inquiries and spell things out clearly ahead of time may affect your renovations adversely. For the best possible outcome and to avoid misunderstandings, here are a number of key points you need to discuss with your remodeling contractors.

  • The Big ‘B’ for Budget: Before anything else, the first thing you need to establish with your remodeling contractors is a workable and realistic budget. Be specific about what work you want done and how much you’re willing to spend overall, so that the contractors can tell you exactly what is feasible. Ultimately you will sign a contract that states the cost of the work, plus a potential buffer for flexibility, should any modest unexpected expenses occur during the course of the renovations.
  • Project Time Frames: Another thing that needs to be talked about, established, and included in the contract is the projected time frame for the entire job. Timelines can be set for specific stages along the way, if desirable, breaking the job down into increments. Bear in mind that it is vital to establish with your remodeling contractors a final completion date for the total project. Naturally if something changes unavoidably during the renovations, there is always an off-chance that the completion date may need to be moved. Discuss and agree with the remodeling contractors that in the event of any changes or unforeseen delays, you will be informed as soon as possible. Ask for progress updates throughout, especially if you cannot be there to see the job firsthand.
  • What Needs to Be Moved, and When: For any major or even more minor home renovations, it is very likely that your furniture and other items will need to be removed completely or otherwise protected from potential damage during construction. Discuss with your remodeling contractors what arrangements need to be made to make this process as smooth as possible, and who is responsible for what. Both parties should be totally clear in advance about the expectations, to avoid obstacles (literally) and the inconvenience of having to remove cumbersome items such as appliances, for example.

Remodeling Contractors - Nelson Construction & Renovation Inc.

  • Electrical and Water Works: This is definitely an area of the renovation project that should be clarified in advance, both in terms of cost and the potential shutting off of your home’s power supply during certain phases of the job. The same goes for water. If disruptions to the electrical or plumbing systems are expected to occur, ask about time frames. If disruptions are to be relatively brief, you and your family can likely live with it. If you’ll need to vacate the premises for a time, you’ll want to know the particulars well in advance.

Remodeling Contractors and You: Communication is Key

In the excitement of planning for home renovations, it’s easy to get caught up in imagining the end result without taking care of business along the way. Experienced professional remodeling contractors know that when eyes are on the prize, it can be frustrating to get bogged down in the interim details. They also know that excellent and open discussion will make for the best outcome, and will be prepared to deliver the work expect.

Greg Nelson
Greg NelsonGreg Nelson is the owner of Nelson Construction & Renovations Inc. He is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, creating artistry in all areas of design and construction projects. He is a musician, and artist. A husband and father, Greg appreciates all the wonderful elements of family life.

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